Pub quizzing made easy.

We get it, even the most creative of minds are beginning to flounder at the thought of coming up with another quarantine quiz... so let us help. Simply pick your questions from our many packs, share with pals and let the fun begin from the comfort of your home.

How does this work?
Quizmaster Susan
Yer Auld Da

Quizmasters, this one is for you.

Virtual calls have become a lifeline when you can’t get down to your local. Become the host with the most in just a few simple steps...

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Create Your Quiz

Sign up with your email address and setup your quiz details.

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Pick Your Packs

We have questions on everything from sport to Tennent’s specials. Pick five packs and build your quiz.

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Then Host From Home

Get your pals on a video call, load up the quiz in your browser and share your screen. You are THE quiz master!


Tennent’s Delivered

What’s a pub quiz without a pint?

We’re now delivering straight to your door.